Customised Gifts Singapore

dri fit flow caps corporate gifts

Dri Fit Flow Caps

Regular price $3.45
dreamer glass dome speaker corporate gift door gift

Dreamer Glass Dome Speaker

Regular price $25.47
cutlery pouch corporate gifts door gifts

Cutlery Pouch

Regular price $1.84
vitamin promotional pen corporate gifts

Cute Vitamin Pen

Regular price $0.25
custom card usb corporate gifts

Customised Card USB Thumbdrive

Regular price $4.92
customised a4 l shape file corporate gifts door gifts

Customised A4 L Shape File

Regular price $0.56
customised a4 button plastic file corporate gifts door gifts

Customised A4 Button File

Regular price $0.67
3d custom thumbdrive corporate gifts

Customised 3D USB Thumbdrive

Regular price $7.07
wallet tissue corporate gifts

Custom Wallet Tissue

Regular price $0.35
tissue box corporate gifts

Custom Tissue Box

Regular price $1.72
customised soft plush toy corporate gifts door gift

Custom Soft Plush Toy

Regular price $8.88
custom shape mousepad door gift corporate gift

Custom Shape Mousepad

Regular price $0.83
pvc luggage tag corporate gifts door gifts

Custom PVC Luggage Tag

Regular price $1.30
customised keychain corporate gifts

Custom PVC Keychain

Regular price $0.59
custom printed coaster corporate gift door gift

Custom Printed Coaster

Regular price $1.53
custom post it pad corporate gifts

Custom Post It Pad

Regular price $0.79
hand fan door gift corporate gift

Custom Plastic Hand Fan

Regular price $0.44
custom mousepad corporate gifts

Custom Mousepad

Regular price $0.68
custom print microfibre towel corporate gift door gift

Custom Microfibre Towel

Regular price $3.61
custom luggage strap corporate gift door gift

Custom Luggage Strap

Regular price $6.27
custom mug corporate gifts door gift

Custom Ceramic Mug

Regular price $2.89
custom badge door gift corporate gift

Custom Badge

Regular price $0.48
cube travel adapter corporate gifts

Cube OTravel Adapter

Regular price $8.55
toiletries pouch corporate gifts

Compact Toiletries Pouch

Regular price $4.50

Customised gifts are essential to creating high-quality marketing campaigns, giveaways, door prizes, and branding opportunities for your company. With the help of the personalised gifts in Singapore on, we can take a number of popular items in and professionally to brand them with your corporate logo, personal information, and more.

With customised gifts in Singapore, you can make an impression during a job interview with a unique card or offer branded giveaways and even door prizes for your next event. As well as giving your prospective employer a card, why not present them with a customised thumb drive with your portfolio on it?

Personalised Gifts in Singapore

Customised corporate gifts in Singapore like a digital watch or microfiber towel for your company can help to provide useful items that your prospective market can use while delivering branding opportunities. With custom merchandise, it's possible to capture additional brand recognition and take your customer service to a new level by offering clients the best in gifts.

Enquire today about our customised corporate gifts in Singapore

Otherwise, get in touch with us to arrange a custom gift delivery for your company. With over 500,000 customised gifts in Singapore delivered to date, we’re certain that we can meet your requirements. Our fast delivery times and a wide selection of high-quality products make us the number one choice for personalised gifts in Singapore.

If you are interested in new customised gifts for your Singapore company or even something that we don't have in stock, feel free to contact us at any time and we can potentially add new gifts to our directory for you. We’re always looking to improve the range in our online store, and are open to hearing suggestions and ideas from our valued customers.