Premium door gifts Singapore

sheva foldable toiletries pouch corporate gifts door gifts giveaways

Sheva Foldable Toiletries Pouch

Regular price $6.80
OZK Linear Cross Sling Bag corporate gifts door gifts giveaway

OZK Linear Cross Sling Bag

Regular price $15.66
2.8M adjustable skipping rope corporate gifts door gift giveaway

Adjustable Skipping Rope

Regular price $2.84
smiley thermal lunchbag corporate gifts door gifts giveaway

Smiley Thermal Lunchbag

Regular price $4.90
BV Oxford Toiletries Pouch corporate gift door gifts giveaway

BV Oxford Toiletries Pouch

Regular price $3.34
Fujiyama Glass Cup corporate gifts door gifts giveaway

Fujiyama Glass

Regular price $2.74
clook pu zipped pouch corporate gifts door gifts

Clook PU Zipped Pouch

Regular price $6.05
mini auto foldable umbrella (black coat) door gifts corporate gift

Mini Auto Foldable Umbrella (Black coat)

Regular price $8.14
350ml eco-tub wheat bottle corporate gifts door gifts giveaways

350ml Eco-Tub Wheat Bottle

Regular price $3.62
eco-339 lunchbox (double layer) corporate gift door gifts giveaways

Eco-339 Lunchbox (Double Layer)

Regular price $5.52
Coto portable SS cutlery set corporate gifts door gifts giveaways

Coto Portable SS Cutlery Set

Regular price $3.69
3 in 1 flashy usb charging cable corporate gifts door gifts

3 In 1 Flashy USB Charging Cable

Regular price $3.33
elegant pu portable sanitizer corporate gift door gifts

Elegant PU Portable Hand Sanitizer

Regular price $2.87
befine pu measuring tape corporate gift door gifts

Befine PU Measuring Tape

Regular price $2.32
SD-K2 Portable USB Air Purifier door gifts corporate gifts

SD-K2 Portable USB Air Purifier

Regular price $12.38
car vent aromatherapy door gifts corporate gift

Car Vent Aromatherapy

Regular price $2.63
belfine school backpack door gifts corporate gift

Belfine School Backpack

Regular price $14.96
energetic sport waist pouch door gifts corporate gift

Energetic Sport Waist Pouch

Regular price $1.53
translucent j-hook umbrella door gifts corporate gift

Translucent J-Hook Umbrella

Regular price $3.98
kenca compact bag door gifts corporate gift

Kenca Compact Bag

Regular price $4.76
eco-77 circular lunchbox with cutlery door gifts corporate gift

Eco-77 Circular Lunchbox with Cutlery

Regular price $4.24
premium oxford thermal bag cooler bag door gifts corporate gift

Premium Oxford Thermal Bag

Regular price $8.96
Leva 304SS Premium Tumbler door gifts corporate gifts

Leva 304SS Premium Tumbler

Regular price $8.59
600ml vitamin water bottle door gifts corporate gift

600ml Vitamin Water Bottle

Regular price $3.19

A door gift at an event can create a lasting impression for your company. If you want to offer more to your clients by giving them something useful at the door to an event you are sponsoring or at a trade show, our door gift ideas for Singapore are extremely useful. Door gifts can be easily tucked away into a grab bag or given away to anyone that comes in to visit your location. Having door gifts in Singapore as an incentive for customers to come into your store can also work to continually draw a crowd during times when you are going to be running promotions. We have a wide selection of cheap door gifts in Singapore at ShopGifts. With useful items like water bottles, watches, USB drives, and more, you can get quality items that your customers can use every day while showcasing your branding.

Wedding door gifts in Singapore

As well as corporate events, ShopGifts has great door gift ideas for Singapore weddings. Thank your guests for coming to celebrate your big day by providing them with a beautiful selection of handy door gifts that they can enjoy long after your wedding. With items like crystal paperweights, whisky flasks, stationery, and more, we’re proud to offer high-quality items that are perfect for cheap door gifts in Singapore.

Need help with door gift ideas for your Singapore function?

Our online marketplace is constantly expanding with the latest offerings. We can even source brand-new products that could help you offer the best in gifts to give away at the door at your next party, conference, or other corporate function. If there are items you feel could be missing from our store, contact us to find the perfect gift today. Otherwise, feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries about our door gifts. We are more than happy to help you out via our 24/7 live chat option!