New Hire Kit/Onboarding Swag Box

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Product Details

  • Fully customised New Hire/Onboarding Kit Swag Box
  • Customised fully from scratch
  • Items can range from anything like practical drink wares, writing materials, branded products, food & beverage, etc.
  • Fits different occasions like Employee Onboarding Kit, Incentive Programmes or even Customer Engagement, etc
  • Your one stop solution all the way from,
  • Research->Production->Storage->Fulfilment



ResMed is a medical equipment company and often welcome new hires at the start of every month. ResMed wanted to welcome each and everyone of them with a Hire Kit so they can kickstart their new career journey efficiently and fun!

Research-> We discuss and understand what type of premiums will be useful for the new hires, example, most of the new hires will need to undergo an induction training which comprise of indoor/outdoor therefore 

  • High Quality Vacuum Tumblers - To keep the beverage hot/cold for a very long period of time
  • Denim Caps - To keep them protected from the sun!
  • Leather Notebook & Pen - To take down important notes
  • Vinyl Laptop Stickers - To remind them that they belong to ResMed

Production-> In order to make all swag boxes exclusive, we customised all our swag boxes from scratch and according to ResMed corporate colour code and custom size so that the premiums fit perfectly in the box!

Storage & Fulfilment-> As ResMed adopts a hybrid working arrangement, the swag boxes had to be sent individually to the employee's home.

For Storage & Fulfilment wise, there is no need for ResMed to store any of the swag boxes because ShopGifts can assist in both!

Every month, ResMed can decide who are the new hires and update them through the Cloud system so ShopGifts knows who and where to deliver the swag boxes! In the Cloud, they can also see which recipient have/have not received the swag box.