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You must have received numerous corporate gifts in your professional career, and do you remember what were they and who gifted them? No, because they were too cliché and you never used them.

Gifting customized caps, t-shirts, and pens are the most common corporate gifts, and they usually end at the back of your drawers. So, always present unique and useful corporate gifts to your clients and employees so that they remember you and your services.

Here are seven emerging corporate gifting trends for you. Have a look and choose your corporate gifts wisely.


1. Work From Home Corporate Gifts

Because of the pandemic, most employees and corporate workers have been working from home for the last year or so. And you know it's not easy to adjust to working from home because homes lack some basic office necessities. Tech giants like Facebook and Google are offering their employees special grants to set up a home office.

However, it is not easy for everyone to facilitate their employees with such a big budget. But you can always present them with a little something that will help them in working from home. We think a laptop stand, power bank, or office stationery items would help your employees set up a home office.

2. Customised Gifts

The idea of customised gifts in Singapore never gets old. It is always the first option that comes to mind when you think about corporate gifts in Singapore. Sending customized gifts, Singapore to your clients and employees shows that you care about them and value their efforts for your business.

So, what would be an innovative, customised gift in Singapore?

Obviously, customized caps and t-shirts are too clichés. You must think of something new. If you ask us, a name engraved folder, notebook, or passport holder would be good. And if you are looking for something extra-ordinary, nothing beats a name-engraved leather wallet. It is classy, it is valuable, and it shows how much you value the receiver.

3. Pandemic essentials Gifts

Talking about innovative gift ideas, pandemic gifts are the latest innovation. The pandemic has drastically changed our lifestyles. Now wearing a mask while going out is essential, and keeping a sanitizer bottle handy is a must has become a new normal.

So why not use this pandemic and present your employees and clients with pandemic essentials corporate gifts that surprise them and be of great use for them. Silk face mask, printed cotton face mask, face shield, or sanitizer can be a good option. You can also design a gift basket comprising all the essentials (face mask, sanitizer, and disposable gloves) and some chocolates or flowers to make it special.

4. Eco-Friendly Gifts

People have now become more aware of global warming and its repercussions. As a result, they are now trying to live a sustainable life to decrease the effects of global warming and make it a livable place for coming generations.

Presenting eco-friendly and sustainable corporate gifts to your corporate friends and employees in Singapore would show that you are a responsible company that cares for the well-being of planet earth. Eco cutlery set, eco notebooks, and eco kraft pens are some of the eco–friendly corporate gift options. Click here to have a look at our complete range of eco-friendly corporate gifts.

5. Travel Gifts

With the travel restrictions due to the pandemic, traveling abroad has become almost impossible. People are now looking towards outdoor activities like camping and picnics getaways to refresh their minds and get some natural air. Weekend getaways, with friends and families, to beaches and mountains, have now become the most common way to relax.

However, camping at these spots is quite adventurous because of the lack of facilities. So, presenting camping or traveling equipment as corporate gifts would be an innovative idea, and your employees and clients would definitely love it. Picnic mats, waterproof backpacks, and cooler bags would be nice traveling and camping gifts. However, if you are looking for more options, click here to view our full range of travel gifts.

6. Wellness Gifts

Thanks to the pandemic, everyone is home-bound for more than a year, which has greatly affected people's mental and physical well-being around the globe. That is why now; more and more individuals are inclined towards their physical and mental wellness.

So, why not target this new trend and show your precious clients and employees that you care for them. You can gift them a free gym or spa membership, or if gyms and spas are closed at your side because of pandemic SOPs, you can always opt for humidifiers and soothing candles.

7. Gift Cards

Gift cards may sound like an old and cliché gift idea, but nothing else can beat its diversity. By presenting gift cards to your clients and employees, you give them the liberty to buy whatever they need or wish for. And most importantly, it is easy, and you don't have to do big calculations to stay on budget. You can also personalize it by adding a special message.

We hope our guide will help you in choosing some unique and useful corporate gifts.

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