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What would you do if you receive a door gift appropriate for winters in a summer event?

Put it in the back of the drawer and forget about it?

Well, I do the same!! Pair of gloves, socks, woolen caps, and many other things are lying in my drawer and I don’t even remember who gave it to me and it’s sad.

So, besides choosing the best corporate gifts supplier in Singapore you should select a door gift that will be used and remembered and not wasted and forgotten. The pro tip here is choosing a door gift that is appropriate for the event and according to the weather.


If you have an upcoming summer event and you are wondering what would be the best door gift for the event, here are a few door gift ideas for summer events.

1. Caps

Caps are an essential part of summer wear. Some wear it to protect their eyes from bright sunlight and some use it to look cool in summers. Therefore, caps are the first choice for door gift in summers.

We have a wide range of baseball Cap; Dri fit caps, Cotton Flatten Cap, and Trucker Cap available. Click Here to view our range of caps and don’t forget to customize them with your brand logo.

2. Travel Accessories

Summer is considered the best season for traveling. The weather is suitable for outdoor activities, kids have summer holidays, and traveling is easier. So why not avail of this opportunity and present your guests with a useful gift that they will cherish.

Waterproof bags, passport holders, selfie sticks, and luggage tags are some of the traveling gift options. Click Here to view our full range of travel door gifts.

3. Facial Mist Sprayer

Nano Facial mist Sprayer is a perfect gift for women in the summers. Skin pigmentation, Dehydration, and irritation are common skin problems during summers. Nano Facial Mist Sprayer produces the finest mist that quickly enters the skin pores, reducing wrinkles, relieving skin irritation, promotes skin metabolism, and skin pigmentation.

The interesting part is it hydrates your skin without smudging the makeup. What else do women need in summers?

4. Umbrellas

You might think that umbrellas are clichéd gift items and they would go into waste bins. But, you are wrong here. Umbrellas are pretty useful gift items for summers. Besides protecting you from rain, it is also widely used for protection from sun rays.

Mini umbrella, translucent umbrella, mini candy umbrella, anti-UV petal umbrella, and golf umbrella are some of the options available. Reverse umbrella with LED torch is the most attractive and innovative option among them. The auto function opens and shuts the umbrella with one touch and reflective strips keep you safe at night.

5. Mobile Accessories

Mobile accessories are the all-season perfect gift for both men and women. Due to increased association with mobile these days, people always love them as a present. And you know what the catch here is? It can match any budget. A wireless fast charger is best if your budget is good. However, if you are looking for cheaper options, Silicon cardholder, Basic earpiece, Flexi ring hand phone stand are some of the popular options.

Nothing seems attractive? Click here to view our complete range of mobile accessories.

6. Fans

Ever thought about presenting a fan (obviously not the table fan) as a door gift? Fans are smart, innovative, and unique ideas. A plastic hand fan is a good door gift option if your budget is low. It is useful for outdoor gatherings and you can customize it in any shape and colour. Company customization option is also available in these fans.

Mini-phone fan, USB mini foldable fan, USB portable hands-free neck fan, and USB portable multi-function fan are some of the other popular options.

7. Laptop Stand

For office or tech events, laptop stands are a good option for door gifts. They are compact, lightweight, easy to present, and most importantly they are USEFUL. No one would the back of their drawers and forget about it. Click here to view our range of laptop stands.

8. Shirts

Shirts are another door gift idea that comes first to mind when you start your search for a perfect door gift. The reason for its success as a door gift is it is available in plenty of colours, designs, and sizes. And you can even customize it with a special message or logo. Click Here to explore our complete range of shirts.

9. Picnic Items

Do you wait for summers to go for picnics and outdoor activities?

Well, so does everyone else!! So, avail this season and choose picnic items to present your guests as door gifts. It would be a pleasant surprise for them and they would most likely use it for their picnics and outdoor gatherings.

Foldable picnic mats, picnic lunch boxes, travel mugs, and torch lights are some of the popular picnic items as a door gift.

10. Bandana & Scarves

If you are looking for unique and useful door gift options for the younger generation, bandana & scarves is the best option you can have. It is trendy and most youngsters use it as a fashion statement. It is fully customizable and you can even print it in your own choice of design.

A Little About Us

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So what are you waiting for?? Visit our website to order high-quality corporate gifts for your precious clients and employees. We have a wide range of corporate gifts for every client and every occasion. Our categories include sports & travel, lifestyle, mobile & gadgets, apparel & wearable, and office & stationary. Feel free to get in touch with me for any queries.

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