8 Personalised Gifts Myths That You Should Be Busted

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As I write this article, there is a Personalised gift box in front, and in it, there is a Personalised hoodie, USB, and some office stationery items. Sounds interesting, right?

Well, I’m pleased to receive this Personalised corporate gift box and super excited to use it in my office. So, if you are planning a corporate event and looking for corporate gift ideas, I suggest choosing Personalised gifts. Your event attendees would be as pleased as I am.

Personalised gifts are expensive and no one uses them?

It’s a myth and you should not believe them!! Here we are busting 8 similar myths associated with Personalised gifts. Read on and clear your doubts regarding Personalised gifts Singapore.

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1. Fancy Packaging Is Most Important

Therefore, always choose gifts that are valuable and the receiver would use them. And for that Personalised gifts are the best. They would make the receiver feel valuable and important.

2. Branding Is A Must In Personalised Gifts

Have you ever received a t-shirt, cap, or coffee mug with a big fat branding logo?

You did not use it, right?

No one wants to wear a t-shirt or drink coffee in a mug that has a big ugly logo on it. Well, to be honest, no one is stopping you from using your branding in corporate gifts because there is no point in corporate gifting without branding. However, try to balance it. Choose a gift with the right size of customization. Make it visible, but don’t overdo it. Make it aesthetically pleasing.

3. Free Delivery Services is a joke

You might have heard people saying that free delivery services are a scam the delivery charges are included in the products and because of its product quality is bad. Well, no wonder one should never ever compromise on the quality of customised gifts Singapore you are presenting to your customers and clients. However, the concept of bad product quality delivered with free delivery service is wrong.

At ShopGifts, we have proudly delivered over 500,000 customised gifts with the best products. So, if you are looking for free delivery and the best quality products, choose ShopGifts.

4. Customised Gifts Aren’t Beneficial

This is a huge misconception that corporate gifting is not beneficial for your business and it only adds up to your expenses. However, it is not true. Corporate gifting is the best way to develop stronger relationships with your customers and clients. And if you opt for Personalised gifts in Singapore, it will show that you value your clients and want to develop a long and successful relationship with them.

Do you want to know more about the benefits of corporate gifting? Click here to read our blog about the benefits of corporate gifting.

5. Personalised Gifts Are Expensive

Another common misconception about Personalised gifts is personalization comes with extra charges.

It might be true in some cases but if you choose ShopGifts, we assure you will not be charged extra for customization of personalization. All our corporate gifts come with free customization and personalization option. You can customize it according to your wish. Isn’t it great?

Feel free to visit our website and explore our range of customizable and personalisable corporate gifts.

6. Personalised Gifts Take Longer To Get Ready

It depends on your order; big orders tend to take longer to get ready. However, if you choose a reputable corporate gifts supplier in Singapore, they will take a lot less time than the ones who are subcontracting their orders.

Reputable corporate gifts suppliers have facilities and means to fulfill orders of any size, on time. So, always opt for the best corporate gifts supplier in Singapore and leave all your worries to them. They will deliver your order on time and without compromising on the quality of products.

7. Chocolates for the Christmas

When you start your search for the best corporate gift according to Christmas, chocolates are the first thing that comes to mind. They are appropriate, they are delicious, and everyone loves them.

But do you know it’s EASY? Everyone orders chocolates for their clients and customers on Christmas.  

Your chocolate box would be forgotten along with several other chocolate boxes. Your client would not remember that you send him a chocolate box on Christmas. That is why; think of some unique gift ideas that stand out among the crowd and the receiver remembers the sender's name. Read our blog UNIQUE customized And Personalised corporate Gifts in Singapore and choose a unique gift for your client and customers.

8. No One Uses customised Corporate Gifts

You must have heard that no one uses customized corporate gifts and we should not waste our money on them. Well, it's true to some extent!! But why not present your precious clients and customers with a customized corporate gift that they not only use but also admire.

Here are some tips to select a gift that will not go to waste:

  • Select gift according to the occasion.
  • Go for unique ideas.
  • Most importantly, go for the best corporate gifts supplier.

Read our blog choosing the right corporate gifts in Singapore and select the best corporate gift for your valuable clients and customers.

We hope our guide has helped you bust all myths associated with Personalised gifts and now you are looking for the best Personalised corporate gifts supplier in Singapore. If so, ShopGifts is here to cater to all your needs. We have a wide range of innovative, unique, and customizable corporate gifts. Click here to explore our range of products.

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