Corporate Gifts Made Simple: 5 Innovative Gifts for your Employees

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Finding the perfect corporate gift can be a headache as it can make or break a relationship. We know that shopping for people in the office can be difficult, so we’ve put together a list of 5 great gifts to get for your employees.

1. Personalised Hoodie Jacket

Have you ever noticed how cold the centralised air conditioning is in the office? Your employees are freezing at work while trying to deliver the best effort for your company. The best you can do is to make them feel more comfortable. 

Cotton Polyster Hoodie

A personalised hoodie jacket blended with cotton and polyester will keep them warm and comfortable at work. Sizes range from S-3XL.

2. Super Thermal Tumbler

Show your employees that you care for them on the inside as well. 

Super Thermal Tumbler

Super Thermal Tumbler is built to keep beverages hot for a long period of time. Say no to cold coffee or tea anymore!

3. Smart Touch Card Holder

A touch is all you need to flip out all your necessary cards. Slick or what?

Smart Touch Holder

Smart Touch Card Holder can keep up to 15 name cards or 5 Credit Cards at one time. It also comes in 6 classy colours like Black, Red, Blue, Silver, Grey and Gold.

4. Flash Travel Adapter

For any travellers out there, this is the perfect kit to ensure power connectivity to any countries you are travelling to.

Flash Travel Adapter

Flash Travel Adapter not only comes in 9 attractive colours (Black,White,Red,Blue,Yellow,Green,Pink,Purple,Gold) but also lights up when connected. Built with 2 x USB ports will ensure better efficiency and save you much time!

5. Mini Anti-UV Petal Umbrella

This is not an ordinary umbrella, it is a weapon. It is light and it blocks out UV rays from the sun. Not only that, it also forms cute petal designs when it is wet.

Mini UV Peta Umbrella

Mini Anti-UV Petal Umbrella is only 300g yet offer a 43" diameter protection when it is opened up. Comes in 6 pastel colours like Purple, Light Pink, Green, Turquoise, Sky Blue, Rose Pink.

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