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Buying gifts for anyone, whether it be your friend, partner or relative, is always a challenge and tiring at times. But, gift giving should be an enjoyable process for both parties. If you are tired of constantly buying the same gift for your loved ones, or struggling to find the right customised gifts in Singapore for them, why not consider buying them a personalised gift?

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Compared to gift cards and vouchers, corporate gifts add a more personal touch to a gift and may remind your loved ones of your thoughtfulness when they see it. Regardless of occasion, everyone loves receiving a personalised gift from their loved ones.

Not only are personalised gifts unique, they are also suitable for everyone. Whether they are young or old, a personalised gift will show that you have put extra thought into the gift, especially when it features something meaningful to them. Fortunately, there are multiple shops around Singapore where you will be able to personalise or custom-make gifts.

Here are some places you can get personalised gifts in Singapore:

Personalised Jewellery

Know a jewellery lover? This customised gift would be just right for them. Whether you purchase a customisable jewellery piece or make a piece yourself, this will definitely get them in awe. Not only that, they will also be able to wear that piece on them, reminding them of you!

If you are interested in getting a customised jewellery piece for someone, you can try visiting the Mindful Company, where they create high quality personalised jewellery for individuals. They offer multiple different styles of bracelets and fonts to choose from — there is definitely a piece for everyone.

Leathercraft Accessories

If you would like to get your hands dirty and make your own personalised gift to give your loved one, try signing up for a leathercrafting workshop. These workshops will not only teach you the basics on how to create your own crafts, it will also allow you to have a hands on experience in making a leathercraft. Why not take up a workshop and create something beautiful for your loved one while learning a new skill. From crafting card holders to bags, there is a workshop suitable for all.

Leathercrafting studios such as Crafune and Atelier Lodge offer multiple workshops for all ages and for all levels — whether you are a beginner or an expert in leathercrafting there is a workshop for everyone. If you are not a fan of workshops, these studios also offer DIY craft at home kits, where you can create your own craft in the comforts of your own home.


Personalise a unique scent for your loved one, if you know that they have a thing for scents. If you know what type of scents your loved one prefers, try creating one for them. Create your own perfume for your loved one with a perfume crafting workshop, where you can learn how and why particular perfumes smell the way they do.

At studios like Oo La Laband The LAB, choose from a variety of fragrances which can then be customised to suit your loved one. From woody to fruity scents, there will definitely be one that suits them. with a guided professional, create a unique and pleasant scent for your loved one.

Notebooks and Planners

If you know someone who loves their notebooks and are strict planners, get them a customised planner or planner to suit their needs. Visit a local craft atelier and choose from the cover to the type of paper you want for the notebook and let the professionals handle the rest. Create something that is one-of-a-kind specially for your loved one.

For personalising your own notebook, visit local craft ateliers, like Bynd Artisan, and pick from a myriad of choices to create your own special notebook just for your loved one. Craft Ateliers such as Bynd Artisan and Ana Tomy have a knack for design and small details. Watch as your selections get bound into a single notebook by passionate professionals right there and then.

Wrapping your gift in old wrapping paper may not do your justice for your personalised gift. Instead, visit Naiise Iconic’s Gift Bar, which not only offers multiple unique and local gifts, Naiise is also known for having good quality products.

Take your gift to the gift bar and allow them to do their magic. Let them add some ribbons, pompoms, wax seals, dried flowers, and voila, your gift will look so much more unique!

Alternatively, you can also spice up your gift by wrapping it yourself! Add a personal touch by incorporating some of your loved one’s favourite things — be it their favourite colour or favourite flower.

At the end of the day, no matter what corporate gifts in Singapore you choose to give your loved ones, it is the thought that counts!

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