Choosing the Right Corporate Gifts in Singapore

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No matter what the occasion, everyone likes receiving gifts — even clients. Gifts for your clients will not only show a token of appreciation for them and their business, but also helps to create customer retention, which is crucial for sustainable growth for the company.

Corporate gifts items

Corporate gifting can be a method to engage with prospective clients and customers. Corporate gifting can be used as a means to provoke action from customers too. However, for gifting to be successful, you will need to make it stand out. This means getting them something that will not only make a lasting impression, but also increase brand awareness and drive them to take action.

So, whether you are struggling to find a gift or need some inspiration, read more to find out what kind of corporate gifts you should get and where you can get them.

Choosing the Right Gift

Before choosing a corporate gifts in Singapore, do remember to check your corporate policies, as some companies limit the value of a gift in which a client can accept. Also remember that packaging and quality matters too, as the gift will be a reflection of your company.

While picking corporate gifts for can be a quick and easy process, you can also better show your appreciation through some forethought. This means making it personalised — such as including a hand-written note or personalising your corporate logo on the gift. Even when you have to send gifts to multiple clients, your gifts should not feel ‘mass produced’.

Gifting them generic items such as gift cards may not be enough to show them your appreciation. When deciding on a gift for your client, take note of their interests and get them something useful and personal instead.

When choosing the right corporate gift for your client, you will need to consider their interests too. While your gift should be personal, it is also important to show that you appreciate their business with you. 

Potted Plants

A touch of greenery will always make someone’s day brighter. So why not get your client a mini potted plant? Get a plant that is low-maintenance and hard to kill, such as succulents, to keep things easy. Pick from various different types of plants or you can even get your client’s favourite house plant. Customise it to suit their personality to create the perfect gift.

Personalised Gifts

Why not go all out for your client and create a thoughtful and personalised gift for them. Personalised gifts Singapore are unique, adding a unique touch, and is suitable for everyone. There are many different ways you can personalise a gift for your client — from writing a handwritten note to customising a gift to suit their taste to even creating the gift yourself.


Personalise a gift by donating to your client’s favourite charity on your company’s behalf. If you are not sure what your client’s favourite charity is, you can also choose one related to their industry or background. When choosing a charity, try to avoid picking controversial organisations.

Donating to a charity will instill goodwill while still contributing to a cause. Arrange a donation and find out their policies on donating in someone’s name. You can send a card to your client showing your act of kindness.

Sweet Treats

Edible baskets are always enjoyed, even for your clients. Show them that you appreciate their business with an extravagant gift basket. Gift baskets don’t have to just be filled with sweets, there are multiple places to find gift baskets ranging from sweet treats to gourmet eats.

A food basket is always a good and safe idea — it rarely goes wrong. Choose from a variety of hampers, from fruits to gourmet hampers. Just remember to check if your client has any allergies.

Gift Sets

If you are not sure what your client likes, why not get them a gift set with a little bit of everything in it. Alternatively, if you do know what your client likes, get them a gift set that is related to their interests. Show them that you corporation is personally invested in them and their business.

If you are in a rush for a gift, there is nothing more personal than a handwritten card. Take some time to personalise it and make it unique for your client to cherish. Let them know how much you and your company appreciate the relationship you have together.

Ultimately, when choosing a gift for your client, it is the thought that counts. Reinforce meaningful connections through your gifts and let them know how much you appreciate them and their business.

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