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Corporate gifts have become a norm in corporate cultures. Companies and businesses present their clients, customers, and employees with gifts to strengthen their business relationship and enhance personal bonding. In fact, corporate gifts have proven to increase business activities.

So, if you are planning to present your clients, customers, and employees with relationship strengthening corporate gifts, here are eight things that you must consider while buying corporate or customized gifts in Singapore. Have a look and buy gifts accordingly.

1. Choose the best corporate gifts supplier in Singapore.

First things first, select corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore who is reliable and provide quality products within your budget. Corporate gifts are reputation builder. If you gift something low in quality, your reputation would be damaged, and you might lose some good clients and customers.

Shopgifts is the leading corporate gifts supplier in Singapore. We have timely delivered over 500,000 customised gifts Singapore. So, Shopgifts should be your first priority for high quality and customised corporate gifts in Singapore. We have a huge variety of products to cater for your corporate gifting needs. Click here to view our wide range of products and order the one which suits your needs. Not to forget we provide free nationwide delivery.

2. Consider preferences

You don’t want to present something that ends up in the waste bin. So, it is always better to think about what could be the preference of the receiver. Think about their profession and what could be a good gift for them.

If you want to present the corporate gift to an executive, a beautiful and customised paperweight or delicate yet elegant flower in a glass dome would add beauty to their desk. Similarly, if you are looking for a gift for an IT professional, a super-smart wireless charger would be a great corporate gift idea.

3. Consider Age Bracket

The age bracket is also something that you must consider while buying corporate gifts. The likenesses and dislike of a 20-year-old would be different from a 50-year-old client. So, we recommend buying gifts age-appropriately and if you have a large group with people of different ages, make groups of similar ages.

Young people are more inclined towards the latest gadgets so presenting them something related to them would be a great idea. Similarly, old age people are not inclined towards latest gadgets so present them a wine opener or a pen would be better.

4. Consider the Event

Corporate gifts are generally present on an event or occasion. So, it is better to keep the event while buying the gift. If it is a corporate event, buy something that would be useful in offices like pens, paperweight, cardholder, etc. however, if you are buying gifts for a festival like Christmas, buy something that would add joy and fun to the event. Consider high quality and luxurious chocolate box for Christmas, or a customised t-shirt for the festival would also be a good corporate gift.

5. Get Customised Gifts Singapore

You might have heard that little details make a big difference. The same goes for corporate gifts. If you add a little touch of customisation to your corporate gift, it will create a big impact. The receiver would feel special and valued. Therefore, a custom engraved package or a special customised gift would be a great idea to build your business relationship.

At Shopgifts, we have a wide range of customisable corporate gifts option available. Have a look and choose the one that seems best for your clients and customers.

6. Consider Something New and Innovative

Don’t just buy the first thing that comes to your mind. Buy something different, something new. Everyone is bored with the same old pens, paperweights, notebooks, and customised t-shirts. A new innovative corporate gift would show that you have put some thought before buying the gift, and you value your clients and customers.

At Shopgifts, we consider your needs and try to cater for you with all the latest and innovative gift ideas. Click Here to view our range of innovative corporate gifts and order the one that’s best for your client and customers.

7. Choose Something Useful

You don’t want your gift to sit in the drawer for ages and be thrown in the bin in the next decluttering. Therefore, always buy a useful corporate gift. Consider something that is of most use, and your client or customer would use it no matter what.

We believe a custom engraved coffee mug, a USB drive, or a wall clock would be the most useful corporate gift. It will remind them of your services whenever they drink coffee or look up on the wall to check the time.

8. Consider Your Budget

Lastly, don’t forget to consider your budget along with the occasion, age, preferences, and usefulness of gifts. Everyone has a limited budget for corporate gifts, and you need to buy a gift for everyone within that budget.

Therefore, first, consider your budget and then buy something that fits your budget and is appropriate for the receiver. And never ever compromise on quality while buying a gift for everyone if your budget is low. Instead, buy something that is small but useful and good in quality.


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