Corporate Gifting During COVID-19

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Corporate gifts are often presented during annual celebrations, dinners, special occasions and conferences. Sending your colleagues gifts is a great way to recognise their part in the company’s success and encourage them to put their best foot forward in the coming year. Well-thought corporate gifts are also the way to inject life into an otherwise dull working day. It is normal for employers and employees alike to look forward to the corporate gifting seasons, marking a great year behind and a greater one ahead.

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However, many businesses may have found that COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in their plans. Most events have been forced to take to online platforms and in-person group sizes have been restricted, making it near impossible to find a good corporate gifting opportunity. Additionally, most personalised gifts in Singapore are physical items, and it is much more meaningful to deliver the gift to your recipient in person instead of just sending it through the mail. As the year begins afresh, it may seem like we will hardly have a chance to give and receive corporate gifts. Is corporate gifting amidst the COVID-19 restrictions going to work out?

Give Meaningful Gifts

Instead of going for the conventional go-to corporate gifting options, what about giving something especially practical during this season? At the same time, it is also a good idea to keep away from any overdone gifts – so yet more masks, hand sanitisers or wet wipes may not be an ideal option. We recommend going for something original to really make it memorable for you and your recipient. How about some potted succulents to brighten up an employee’s work-at-home desk? Or a reusable food container for those times they need to take away their meals? You could even give massagers or stress balls to get your employees away from the worries of COVID-19. In these uncertain times, it is difficult to go wrong with gifts that encourage self-care and inspiration. The better your employees’ quality of life, the more efficient they will be. 

Send Digital Items

One great way to give a gift without ever having to send it in person is to gift a digital item, handy for such a time when interpersonal interactions are frowned upon. The best thing about a digital gift is that you can deliver it from the comfort of your home, which is especially useful if your company has been working from home. This can be a gift card, an e-book, or even a subscription for that service your top employee has always wanted. For instance, if you typically celebrate events with a dine-out treat, you could purchase vouchers for a restaurant your gift recipients love, so that they can still enjoy the treat and share it with their friends and family.

Support a Charitable Organisation

Is your company committed to helping out the less fortunate? COVID-19 has also hit charities hard, with fewer opportunities to raise funds, conduct activities and even operate the office daily. If you and your employees have been working towards a common cause, a great gift would be to show your charity some support and contribute as a company. It does not even have to be in monetary form! Get creative by organising a virtual fundraising event to raise awareness and increase support for your cause – and involve all of your employees in it. The best gift could well be bringing smiles to the faces of those in need.

Extra Leave

Many businesses have been working extra hard since the circuit breaker to get everything back on track. If your employees have been putting in the extra effort to keep your company running smoothly, it may be due time they deserve a break. Even a simple few days to rest and recharge without the worries of work can be immensely therapeutic to any burned-out worker. Show your employees that you care about their quality of personal life and wish for them to have a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, this can go miles in making a good impression on your workers as an employer that cares about the wellbeing of their employees, not just their work output.

Attach a Note to Your Gift

Gifts are always more personal when delivered by hand, but unfortunately, this may be tricky with the COVID-19 restrictions. Even if it is difficult for you to physically deliver the gift to your recipients, you can still add that personal touch by including a custom note with every gift. Thank your employees for all their effort and look forward to a brighter year ahead. To make it even more heart-warming, try handwriting your note!

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