Door Gift Ideas for Your Corporate Event

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Are you planning a corporate event and don’t know what to include in the corporate gift?

Well, organizing a bespoke corporate event is already a tough job let alone deciding door gift that suits your event and is also perfect for all the attendees. You would not want to present your guests with a door gift that is left behind on the table or is later found in the trash can. So, if you want to make the right first impression on your future clients and customers, choose a smart door gift that is perfect for all your guests and will leave a good impression on your future clients and customers. Don’t know how to choose the perfect door gift for your corporate event?

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Don’t fret!! We are here for you. Here are some popular door gift ideas in Singapore.


You might have noticed unsightly condensation rings and spots formed under the glass or mug of your drink leaving it all drippy and soppy. These marks look nasty especially on your office table, messing with other things on your table. Coasters can be a good corporate gift idea considering the cheap price, extensive use in homes and offices, customer-oriented design, and much more. We are obliged to supply our clients with beautiful and attractive personalized coasters with a price that easily adjusts to clients’ requirements and budget.

Power banks

Are you looking for a gift for your tech geek client?

Power Bank is thing you are looking for!!

Power banks are simply portable chargers to power up your battery-powered equipment including mobile phones, MP3 speakers, chargeable headphones, and so on. For working people, power banks are really useful and they can be used as corporate gifts for attendees of events with the host company’s logo on them. They come in different sizes and shapes along with varied power capacities and price tags. We have high-end power banks to provide you in bulk. Just don’t think twice, buy them and your guests will love your customized power banks.

Travel bags

Customized travel bags are one of the best corporate gift ideas as they always take place in the list of the most popular gift ideas every year. Traveling is something that everyone enjoys and when it comes to luggage, there should be a convenient carry-on travel bag with enough compartments and size to retain all necessities. The best door gift ideas in Singapore are available at our website having quality products to live up to your customer’s expectations.

Luggage Tags

For the identification of one’s suitcase, luggage or baggage tags are used. Whether you are traveling by boat, train or plane, chances are your bag can be lost but luggage tags help you to identify your bags at the baggage carousel. Luggage tags are one of the best door gift ideas in Singapore as people here love to travel. Besides, they are useful for people of every generation and season. Visit our website and choose your corporate gift category, and you can choose an existing design and style or provide us your personalization demands. Get your corporate gifts from us at an insanely affordable price.

Business Card Holder

From a salesman to a business owner, everyone uses a business card and a business card holder is a perfect gift for all working people. One does not want to shove his business card in an already stuffed wallet or suit pocket, business card holders have been designed specifically to contain business cards. What is better than a business card holder in terms of a door gift for a business circle? We think it is the best choice and it is really useful for them. In Singapore, we put forward the best cardholders of upscale material and patterns for our customers.

Key Chains

Some of us may take key chains or rings as insignificant objects but others may have sentimental values attached to them. We often do not realize it, but we are always surrounded by keys, whether it is a car key or a house key. Customized key rings have been used as corporate gifts for a long time and we do not even wonder why. Door gifts and corporate gifts are always chosen depending on the working fields of guests. But one does not need to worry about the functionality of the gift for a guest if it is a keychain. So, purchase personalized key chains from our store at a reasonable cost.

Wine opener

Cork-sealed wine bottles or other household bottles can be opened by a corkscrew or a wine opener. For a bar or restaurant worker, or even in houses nowadays, wine openers are used widely. In the corporate events regarding these fields and many others, you can choose corkscrews as door gifts and you will be astonished to see that not a single guest of yours will leave it behind. Get the best quality wine openers from us and place your order here.

Other innovative door gifts ideas Singapore

Custom-made LCD writing pads, laptop stands, pens, sanitizers, mugs, face mask cases, face masks, cutlery sets, and many more items are present on our website. Door gifts should be very productive and beneficial for most of the guests in your event if not all. Customers can contact us from our website to get many other personalized products of their choice.

So, whether you are looking for business card holders for your corporate event or you want customized power banks for the tech meeting you are arranging next week, ShopGifts is the perfect place to fulfill all your corporate and door gift needs in Singapore. Click Here to visit our website and have a look at our wide range of affordable gifts.

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