Motivate Work From Home Employees by Personalised Gift Packs

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We all know how this corona virus pandemic has changed the way of working in most companies. This also includes working from on-site to remote. For sure, if someone is not used to work from home, that change can be upsetting for him/her. In fact, social interactions are low at this time, which leads to isolation and loneliness that is even harmful to human health in specific ways. 

Motivate employees by gift

However, work from home is an essential thing for most of the organisations now. You need to make your remote employees feel valued and appreciated. The best way to do this is to send a personalised gift to motivate them to work. It will also help them feel more connected to the organisation and improve retention. In between the process, you can increase the satisfaction and lob loyalty too. 

Here are some ideas for personalised gifts Singapore that you can give to your work-from-home employees. 

1. Mugs and Bottles:

Being hydrated makes the brain function properly. Drinking water throughout the day maintains the hydration level in the body and is helpful for an energy boost. It is because dehydration can make you feel sluggish and also reduce brain functioning. So the foremost idea for personalised gifts Singapore is to give your remote employees mugs and water bottles to keep them hydrated. There are a lot of corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore from where you can easily get bottles and mugs personalised with your logo. 

2. Wireless Headphones:

Staying focused while working from home is something crucial as there is no particular work environment. In this regard, you should motivate your employees by gifting them the necessary supplies to help them in their work. Wireless headphones are a good thing as they will block sound around the employee, and wireless can let him/her move while talking on the phone. Also, the mic is vital as there are always zoom meetings and calls. Simply get the headphones customised by corporate gift suppliers around you in Singapore. 

3. Charging Cable and Power Bank:

Constantly working from home on the devices can make them low on charge, and there are times when people even forget to charge their things. It is worse to realise that the phone battery is low right before you need to make a call with someone urgent. In this regard, you should provide your remote employees with charging cables and power banks to help them when needed. It will be extra power for your employees to assure that they can work with ease. 

4. Relaxed T-Shirt:

Yes, work needs employees to be dressed professionally and presentable. But as it now works from home, the employees can easily relax alongside doing their job. So you can motivate your work from home employees by giving them customised relaxed t-shirt to keep them comfy while working. Including this to make the t-shirt customised, get help from corporate gift suppliers, and easily print things of your choice on it to make it personalised. 

5. Snack Box:

A customised snack box with your organisation’s logo on it is a great deal for all remote employees. There are a lot of options for you to fill it with, like chocolate, sweets, or savoury snacks. Get it filled with many small treats for your work from home employees and keep them motivated for work. In fact, it is an excellent idea because cravings are uncontrollable at home as in comparison to office. So treating your employees with small pleasing treats will be a great way to keep them focused and motivated towards work. 

6. Neck Pillow:

No one considers a neck pillow as a critical working supply. However, it plays a crucial role as it provides comfort. Constantly sitting on a chair for straight 7 to 8 hours is a surety for neck and back pain. The neck needs relaxation to get back on work, so a neck pillow is a good option as a corporate gift. Relieving the stress of your employees will benefit you as they will perform better. So gifting a neck pillow is undoubtedly motivating. 

7. Notebooks and Pens:

All the information from those virtual meetings and conference calls needs to go somewhere. Staying organised by keeping notes of everything will surely help you with your work and make you efficient. In this regard, the organisation can provide you with a customised diary and pen with their logo and your name printed on it. This will make you track your daily activities easily alongside doing your personal work. 

You can add your brand images, colours, and logos on the notebook and pens to make it customised. Also, add some inspirational quotes to help your employees stick to the goal. Keep in mind that your goal is to keep your employees motivated and happy to make them adjust in a remote work setting. 

There are several corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore by which you can get customised prints on your notebooks and pens to gift your employees. 

Final Words:

Working from home is really stressful at the time, and remote employees need the motivation to keep themselves going. Also, remote working has serious focus issues as there is no certain work environment, and their home can interrupt them while working, so small gifts for motivation and appreciation are a must to keep them going in this situation. 

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