Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Impress Your Clients

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We’ve all got those white elephants stashed away somewhere in a drawer or dusty shelf – a distant reminder of a mundane conference gone past. Corporate gifts make for a nice gesture, but as many of us know all too well, they are little more than formalities that are soon to be forgotten. Why send a gift that will be destined for a forsaken corner? Fortunately, you can be creative with your gifting. If you are out of corporate gift ideas, you have come to the right place! Find out what kinds of corporate gifts for Singapore audiences are best suited to wow your recipients and make an excellent impression.

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Face Mask Case

A must-have during this season, show your clients that you understand their needs with a novel face mask case to store their masks for convenient everyday wear. For those who are busy and frequently on the go, the case can prove to be invaluable whether they forget to don their mask that day or need to stow it somewhere clean while eating out. Each case can keep up to five face masks and is compact enough to fit in your hand while on the move. With its relevance to the times, your face mask case will definitely find its way into the hands of your clients’ everyday routines.

Travel Hand Sanitiser

Keeping in line with the pandemic theme, travel hand sanitisers are small and handy gifts that are especially in demand this year. These trendy 30ml versions can be easily fastened on to bags and backpacks, providing a convenient way of keeping your hands germ-free while you are out and about. Furthermore, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of hand sanitiser that usually comes in this portable packing. The sanitising solution in these corporate gifts is guaranteed to kill 99.9 percent of germs, allowing you to be worry-free. Additionally, it conveniently requires no water and does not leave your hands with the detestable sticky feeling that some sanitisers have. Have your company’s brand pasted on one side, telling everyone that you sponsored the gift.

Super Smart Charger

This innovation condenses all your charging needs into one high-tech gadget, allowing its users to charge their mobile devices anywhere and everywhere. Featuring the latest state-of-the-art wireless charging, this gadget also allows for normal charging for various types of wire ports. Additionally, there is a world travel adapter packed into this power bank, ensuring that no matter where your clients go, they will never need to worry about packing an entire bag of electronic chargers. An added quality-of-life feature is an LED display that shows the exact percentage of battery left in the charger, taking it one step further than the generic four bars of most regular chargers. If your recipients are technology-oriented or travel a lot, they will be sure to appreciate this exquisite device.

LCD Writing Pad

Are your client's busy people with plenty of ideas? Instead of using a paper notepad or even the restaurant serviette, give them an outlet to visualise their thoughts with the LCD writing pad! Lightweight and convenient, this pocket-sized writing pad measures 228mm tall, 146mm wide and 4mm thick. Writing on it with the provided stylus leaves a trail of e-ink, which can be erased with the click of a button. The notepad is powered by cell batteries which are included in the gift, allowing your recipients to use the item right away. Best of all, there is no lag when writing on the pad. This handy gift comes in five different colours for variety.

Customised 3D USB Thumbdrive

Not all thumbdrives are created equal. Give your recipients a unique 3D thumb drive that they will not be able to find anywhere else. The thumbdrive allows for full customisation of its external design, making it a perfect way to brand your corporate gifts while keeping the item relevant and stylish. Inside, the USB is a high-quality SanDisk or Trek drive, coming in sizes of 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB. Thumbdrives are an important part of any office worker’s inventory, and presenting your clients with these limited editions ensures that your gifts will never go unused. Come up with a creative design and your clients will be sure to love it!

Regardless of your recipients’ demographics, these corporate gift examples are just a few of our fresh ideas that combine elegance, exclusivity, and ingenuity – a guarantee that your door gifts will never end up shelved away and forgotten. Moreover, all of our gifts can be branded with your company’s logo and name, with additional designs for added prices a possibility. Not only can you provide your clients with a practical item they will use for years to come, but your corporate gifts can also help to promote your brand when others see your clients using the items.

Why give yourself a headache choosing gifts in bulk when the process of gift selection can be fun and creative? For more ideas, browse our website to see the other cool gifts that we can bring to the table. It is never too late to leave the corporate gift ideas to us so that you can focus on doing what you do best.

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