Key Features to Look For In Corporate Gifts Suppliers in Singapore

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Corporate gifts are an important part of any business both in regards to your staff and your clients. They help to show that you appreciate your staff throughout the year and can be given due to a birthday, special event or a workplace accomplishment that has helped your company. No matter what the purpose is for your gift, you want to make sure that you get your gift from a good corporate gift supplier. Choosing the right supplier will help to streamline the gifting process, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a happy team and happy customers. But what should you look for in your supplier? Here are some tips to help you find the best corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore.

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Quality Not Quantity

We have all been to a workshop or event and received a logoed pen as a gift. You may have used this pen once or twice and soon found that it stopped working altogether. This is a sign that the company in question looked for quantity over quality. Now, for certain situations this can be a great option. However, it is not the option you want to choose when it comes to your staff and clients. In this situation, you want to look for quality over quantity. You want to provide your teams with high-quality corporate gifts that will actually be used during their day to day lives. This could be a diary, water bottle, or a customised gift that applies to them as an individual. In general, the more valuable a particular individual is to your team, the more you should invest in their gift. This will help you to show gratitude and ensure they feel appreciated in the workplace.

Customer Service

One aspect of a corporate gift supplier that will help them to stand apart from the competition is their levels of customer service. You want to try and build long term relationships with your corporate gift suppliers in Singapore, as this will help to ensure the gifting process is flawless year in, year out. In order to do this, you want to look for great customer service. For example, you want your supplier to contact you throughout the year with reminders of gifts that need to be ordered (after all, you have enough to handle throughout your day to day business). These little reminders will help you to stay on top of the gifting process even when you have other things to tackle. You also want your supplier to handle things should something go wrong. This could be anything from the wrong product to issues with delivery. These are all inconveniences that you simply don’t want to handle yourself. A corporate gifts supplier with great customer service will be able to tackle them for you, allowing you to focus on your business instead.

Variety Of Options

As well as offering outstanding customer service, you also want your corporate gifts supplier to have a wide array of options to choose from. If they only have a few options then in the long run, you’re going to run out of gifting options available. Consequently, you’ll have to find an alternative supplier and will be back to square one. From the very onset, make sure that the supplier you choose has a range of options when it comes to corporate gifts. On top of this, you also want to make sure that the options are flexible. For example, you want to be able to order a selection of products in your order, rather than hundreds of the same product. This will allow you to diversify your purchases, rather than providing your employees and clients with the same old boring gifts.


The option to supply customised gifts in Singapore is extremely important when it comes to your team and clients. Nobody wants to receive another generic item that has absolutely nothing to do with them. For example, if a member of your team frequently uses a computer or laptop during their day to day work, then a pen really isn’t going to be a good gift. Instead, you could supply them with a custom mouse with a photo of their family, or a special keyboard to improve their typing experience. When choosing your supplier, you want to make sure that customisable options are available. If the supplier in question doesn’t offer any customisable options, simply find a different supplier. Although this may appear inconvenient at the time, in the long run it will save you countless hours of stress and hassle. It will also allow you to truly show your employees that you care about them, both inside and outside of the workplace.

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