Sending Corporate Gifts that Leave Good Impressions

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Corporate gifting in Singapore often requires a considerable amount of tact. What started out as a gesture of goodwill could easily sour a professional relationship without the right research and thought. Generic corporate gifts often get stashed away in a drawer or on a dusty shelf, never looked at again. On the other hand, a corporate gift done right has the potential to strengthen a bond to greater heights. Impress your recipients with a thoughtful corporate gift they enjoy and set the bar high for future interactions to come!

However, shopping for a corporate gift is not always an easy decision. Professional connections, especially employees and business partners, can be very sensitive when it comes to proper gift-giving etiquette. You would not want your hand-picked gift to be poorly received and rub your recipient the wrong way. As such, it is imperative that one follows these pointers when deciding on a corporate gift.

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What is the Occasion?

Many companies send out corporate gifts around major holidays and festivities, but these are not the only occasions that call for corporate gifts. After all, your business associates are probably also receiving plenty of other holiday gifts, increasing the chances that your corporate gift will simply be tossed aside or add to a growing pile of similar festive gifts. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon at popular gifting seasons, what about sending your corporate gifts at other times of the year as well? In fact, corporate gifting for other occasions such as receiving an award or completing a large project can add a personal touch and show your recipients that you take note of their achievements.

Know Your Recipient

Are you gifting to an individual, a handful of people, or a large client base? Usually, if you are doing a bulk order, it never hurts to order a little extra to ensure that everyone receives a gift in the event of a miscalculation or unexpected attendees. The last thing you would want is to leave a team with a bad impression because you forgot to account for some of their members. Presenting everyone on a partner team with a gift, even those you hardly had exchanges with, leave your associates with a good feeling because it shows that you pay attention to detail and care about your business partners.

If you are dealing with only a small number of recipients, it is great to further personalise your gift. Get to know your recipients and their cultures, interests, and lines of work. When selecting a gift, look for something that everyone can appreciate. For instance, be extra mindful of people’s religious and political views, and avoid sending a gift that can symbolise something negative in a sensitive context. Companies have someone had to deal with the backlash from gifts that were poorly received.

Make Your Corporate Gift Personal

Along with adding that personal touch, designing your corporate gifts with something special can really leave a great impression on your clients and business partners. Many corporate gifts are dry, cookie-cutter shells that offer impersonal messages to the recipient, often wishing them conventional messages such as “Happy Holidays!” or “Thanks for Your Support!”. Although these cards express the sender’s heartfelt gratitude on the surface, they usually come with the complete opposite meaning – that the sender did not feel it necessary to add a personal message. If you were to send yet another corporate gift with a similar scripted message, it is likely that your client may not even pay much attention to it.

Instead, what really leaves a lasting impression on your recipient is a personalised gifts tailored just for them. For instance, you could give a client a thumb drive in the shape of your company’s mascot if you know that they have frequent use for such electronic items. If you are preparing a gift specifically for just a handful of people, what about going the extra mile and personalising each of their gifts with their names? Although these may seem like unnecessary steps, they show that you bothered to put in the extra thought and effort to express your thanks to your recipients. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

Make Your Corporate Gift Memorable

The unfortunate fate of most corporate gifts is that we simply forget about them because they end up not being used. Of course, no company would want to spend money and time on buying corporate gifts only to have them forgotten. To ensure that your recipients really remember your gift, stay away from the conventional corporate gift ideas. Instead, go for something more exotic – something that your clients could not simply obtain somewhere else.

Recipients tend to remember the gifts that were specially hand-picked for them. They would appreciate their gift even more if they feel that they were the only ones who received that particular gift. Imagine receiving a generic gift that everyone else – your friends, family, and colleagues – also received. This may suggest that corporate gifts were simply factory-produced without much thought. By selecting a suitable, individualised gift for each of your recipients, it is more likely that they will remember your gift and use it. Include a personalised message that addresses them by name and expresses your appreciation to them. To make your corporate gift extra special, have it delivered straight to your recipient at their office doorstep! They will definitely remember your gift for years to come.

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