The Art of Creating Door Gift Ideas in Singapore

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“Oh, I don’t need anything,” your employees will tell you when asking about gifts. However, in most cases, they’re simply being respectful. After all, nobody wants to tell their boss about the many things they need in their life. The reality is, to create great customised gifts in Singapore; you need to do some investigating to find the best options for your employees. To help you with this process, we have created a short guide on the art of creating the perfect gift for your employees. Here are our suggestions.

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  1. Treat The Gifting Process An Experience In Itself

Now, nobody wants to attend an event to get another water bottle, a pen that will run out in 5 days and a notepad with your logo on it. Not only is this gift pointless, but individuals will never remember them after a week. To really create an experience that individuals will remember, you want to make the present itself an event. For example, one afternoon give your employees a set of clues that will take them around the office for an hour. Rather than simply placing the gift on their desk, you can send them on a mission to find their gift. Though this may sound somewhat childish, it’s actually extremely fun and can work as a team bonding experience in itself.

  1. Consider An Actual Experience

If a particular individual has gone above and beyond throughout the year, then it’s a great idea to show your gratitude. Customised gifts in Singapore are a great way to do this. For example, the employee in question may love a particular band. You can buy those tickets to their upcoming show. If they love a particular restaurant that’s holding an event soon, you can get those tickets and pay for their meal. An experience is rarely something that people forget and will show how much you value individuals in your team.

  1. Consider Key Interests

Remember that every one of your employees is a person too. They have their own hobbies, lives and interests outside of the workplace. Many of your employees may leave hints around their desk about what they do outside of work. For example, if they’re a family orientated person they may have a photo of their family. If they love a sport, they may have photos in their team’s shirt. Understanding the interests of your employees will help you to create the best customised gifts in Singapore.

  1. Look Into The Past

Now, this particular suggestion will only work well amongst employees who have worked with you for several years. If you have known a particular individual for many years, then it’s likely that you’ve learned quite a lot about their personal life. Help them to relive a particular moment they have experienced in the past. For example, if one year your employee received some sweets that they loved, you could take this idea to the next level and buy them a trick to the factory where the sweets are made. Think outside the box, as this will help to ensure you come up with the best possible idea.

  1. Think About Their Needs

While an employee will not directly tell their manager what they need, you can always think about it. For example, if a member of your team has recently been on maternity leave, you can consider a gift that will help them out around the home. There are thousands of products available that can help people to improve the efficiency of their day to day lives. Think of one that will help your employee in their current circumstances and you can be confident that the gift is a good one.

  1. Conduct Your Research

If you’re really struggling with ideas then conduct your research. Take a look on their Facebook to find their interests. Take a look on Amazon to see if they have a wish list. The great thing about the internet is that people leave clues all the time. Use these clues to your advantage and find out what the individual may want as a gift. The more in-depth your research, the better your gift will be!

  1. Be Personal

Rather than offering a generic gift, provide it with a personal touch. For example, knit a scarf, write a memory in the gift you have given and show your real appreciation for your employee. This, combined with another idea will create the ultimate gift option.

  1. Be Comical

While the workplace itself is serious, this doesn’t mean you have to act like a robot. Have a laugh when it comes to your gifts and buy your employees a joke gift every now and then. This could be anything from an inside joke between you and the individual, to a joke that you know will make your employee laugh. The more you know about the individual in question, the easier it will be to joke around.

  1. Be Charitable

If you know that your employee is extremely passionate when it comes to a particular cause, and then donates some money to the cause in question. This is one of the best door gift ideas in Singapore as you can choose to donate a small amount to the charities that each employee supports. This will ensure your employees appreciate you, whilst also benefit those who are truly in need. You could also give your employees a choice of options based on the preferences of the office.

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